Blue Moon

Blue Moon

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Merepretty8 By Merepretty8 Updated Sep 04

"Love conquers all."

Grace Hemmingtin was stripped from her happy little world as a Werewolf in the Red Dawn pack when she discovers that a certain someone is to be her mate. His name, is Aiden Jackson, soon-to-be Alpha King, a man who is rumored to not even have a heart, a ruthless killer, a person whom everyone believes is incapable of love. Will Grace be able to prove them wrong as she is brought into the dangerous and far-from-ordinary world of Aiden Jackson? Or will he be so far gone that even she can't save him?


"The freaking book just started and I'm already crying!!! It's so good though!!"

"I am in love with your boook!"

"So many feels!!"

NOTE: If you steal any part of this story or this story in general then I will personally send Aiden Jackson out to get you :D
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U have underestimated me I brought my shovel and I'm going further down
That was one of the saddest back story's I have ever read 😭😭😭
gothgirl928 gothgirl928 Feb 14
                              Iⓢ ⓣⓗⓔ
Poor Aiden!!!!! I just want to go up to him and give him a big hug and tell him that everything will be alright! :'(
MrsBusybeE MrsBusybeE Nov 10
Girl, that was awesome, yeah I know I am a few yes late, lmao
Priya_101 Priya_101 Feb 11, 2015
May I just say that I love how your trailer song is Bring Me To Life by Evanescence