Lost unwanted and rejected

Lost unwanted and rejected

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Thamar T By Angel_alert Completed

Hailey Lilly Jackson's parents died when she was just 10 years old.   she lived with her aunt until she and her husband decided to put her up for adoption. she has to face a rejection by her soulmate. When she thought she had a second chance at love With her second mate he crushed her heart. Is she to blind by her rejections to realize that someone else is begging for her love? will she find out that the person that always loved her was by her side all alone?  
And what's up with her First mate that will stop at nothing until he has her.

EVERYTHING looks like it was falling apart until the day of her 18th birthday she had an unexpected visit then suddenly everything in her life started to change. 

not only were secrets revealed, she also became an interest to those around her

Hailey had to face heart ache not once but twice. that can really make a good girl go bad.

 just when she thought her life was coming back together she had to think again.


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The_Purple_Wolf The_Purple_Wolf Jun 26, 2016
What I would want to say 
                              "You should see the other guy"
                              Wait she did  NOTHING TO THE OTHER GUY!!!!😡🚨😡👿😡🚨😡
renitaware renitaware Apr 30, 2016
She needs to learn how to fight so she can kick that girls ass
HarrysmilesJ HarrysmilesJ Dec 08, 2014
I read this book already I just love it Soooooooooooooo much. I had to read it AGAIN
sunflower_seeds13 sunflower_seeds13 Nov 11, 2014
i like your story's plot line! sorry i know you asked me to read this a while ago, I've been a little busy. but anyway, I'll continue reading! :)
JinxedRain JinxedRain Jul 01, 2014
B*tch please if there going to bully and hit u nomader what then hit the b*tch back
Mark_Leslie Mark_Leslie Jun 23, 2014
A great start to an interesting story. Not surprised that she's dreaming of the tragic loss of her parents.