In Love With The Bad Boy

In Love With The Bad Boy

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April Ross the pretty,Fun energetic cheerleader.She has a amazing friends and is up high in the popularity scale. April is not like your typical 'popular girl' she is so sweet and has every boy wanting to date her and ever girl wanting to be her. But she is only interested in one Boy...                                                  

Carter Strike the hot,sexy bad boy.He gets in fights and has gotten detention too many times to count on fingers.He plays girls like a stack of cards. But he only does that to get his mind, off one girl... 

What Happens when Carter and April's worlds collide.Will there feelings just get bigger for each other or will something happen and everyone's secrets get unveiled?

~The sequel to this book is already out! So when you're done reading this book you should go check out the sequel 'Trust' ~

trinity_sanchez trinity_sanchez Aug 04, 2016
I was singing Taylor swift and brother was there and he said 'hey who sings this song? ' I said 'Taylor swift' so he said 'let's keep it that way'
Nagisa_Ackerman Nagisa_Ackerman Apr 26, 2016
The name blake is so popular 
                              Every time i read a story 
                              Im not saying your copying 
                              Also i love the story❤️
Pinkglitter819 Pinkglitter819 Dec 28, 2016
I wish I had an older brother but no I'm the oldest with 2 younger bros and a younger sis