MPAM (Under Major Editing)

MPAM (Under Major Editing)

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Missy By CookieMonsteer97 Completed

Tomorrow is the day Abby's twin brother Aiden finds his mate. Abby has always been jealous of her brother because of his wolf genes. He's the school's most popular guy and has girls waiting at his feet, and because Abby is human she cannot have a mate, or so she thinks, but all she wants is to be loved. 

She is anti social because she's insecure and never got any wolf gene's but her brother does everything he can to take care of his sister. He knows Abby is insecure that's why she tends to hide behind herself 

On her 16th Birthday she is dragged to her brother's party and soon discovers that what she wanted most in the world is dangerous not only to herself but the world. Now that Abby has found what's she's looking for she doesn't know whether she wants it or to stay hidden from her brother's exciting world

  • alpha
  • death
  • drama
  • love
  • possessive
I like being unappealing it means stay tf away from me 🙃🙃💀💀💀
WhiteHoHo WhiteHoHo May 25, 2016
Escape fate       
                              Escape the Fate I the only one who likes them?
Gwenmyun Gwenmyun Dec 26, 2016
I very much admire your hard work. Keep up the good work, I feel like I'll enjoy it xoxo
Onew_is_Mine Onew_is_Mine Sep 13, 2016
They're probably not twins. The parents must've lied to them.
lmoodiana lmoodiana Jan 11, 2017
Maybe they think you're uncapable to take of yourself because u got upset over the nickname "abs"
cherylh cherylh Jan 24, 2016
Identical twins are always the same gender.  Fraternal twins can be the same gender.