Going Under Cover

Going Under Cover

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Jennifer By bookwormsnake96 Updated Feb 13, 2015

Cassy Richards was twenty three and three-quarters years old and perfectly content with her life. She and the world had a mutual understanding really. She was a bitch and so was the world. 

And that's the way she liked it, everything plain and simple and lined out in a orderly line.

What could really happen to this lovely life out in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere really?

Well lots seemingly...

When the deaths of the locals start adding up and Cassy is about the only person left in the village, that equal a bad week.

Throw in an old, grumpy detective by the name of Steve and his strange ability to annoy the heck out of Cassy and his partner in crime, Martin, who couldn't even find the remote control on a couch, then that equals a whole new kind of shitty week.