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Identity Revealed - Book 1 Completed - Featured Story (#Tue-Rah) (Wattys 2016)

Identity Revealed - Book 1 Completed - Featured Story (#Tue-Rah) (Wattys 2016)

220K Reads 15.3K Votes 125 Part Story
J. M. Butler By JessicaBFry Completed

A time of change and upheaval threatens to tear her world apart, but five-year-old Inale is whisked to Earth to prepare to fight Naatos, his brothers, and their army. It is not only shapeshifting warlords whom she must eventually battle: Inale is a mindreader under a blood curse, a curse whose full implications she does not yet understand. As an adult returning to face Naatos, she realizes all of her preparations may have been in vain as the true nature of her curse and her own desires emerge. 
      Outmatched and outflanked, she must find a way to defeat Naatos, save creation, and salvage what little hope remains for her own heart and future.
      Thank you for reading. This is a completed novel that I am posting to see how it works for general readers and my target audience. It is epic high fantasy, and there are a number of original cultures and foreign words. I am including a glossary at the back that will have definitions for all of the foreign words used and the main and secondary characters' names. 
      All the words and phrases are defined in the text itself. But I know it can be a pain to try to remember all of this new information. So if you're not sure, here are some of the most common ones:
      Awdawms - the human race
      Ayamin - the trained military force of Libysha
      Elonumato - the primary deity 
      Libysha - a nation in Reltux
      Machat - the prophet race
      Nalenth - an individual chosen to restore the Tue-Rah
      Neyeb - the mindreader race
      Telhetum - the capitol city of Libysha
      Tue-Rah - a living interdimensional portal that connects the worlds through time and space
      Vawtrian - the shapeshifter race

MayaR-31 MayaR-31 Mar 20
He sounds amazing - words to fuel a dream. 
                              I look forward to reading your tome
W1ldTh1ng W1ldTh1ng Sep 18, 2016
Thank you for sharing this book with the world. It is obvious that it means a profound amount to you and I am honoured to be able to read a story written with such love and dedication.
ilovethenumber3 ilovethenumber3 Dec 13, 2015
♡ im sure he is so proud. I've only read the first chapter but im already captivated by this world you built 😍
IvoryAnna IvoryAnna Dec 05, 2015
That is such a long time!! I haven't even been alive that long!! I applaud you, good lady!
IvoryAnna IvoryAnna Dec 05, 2015
Aww! That is really sweet! he is probably looking down on you right now and think how proud of you he is! I knew you used the name for him, but it is just so sweet! I'm glad you've had amazing people behind you to keep you going!
sergeirustar sergeirustar Sep 01, 2015
This is a really awesome dedication. I bet your grandpa is proud.