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The Omega's (Sequel to The Shy Alpha)

The Omega's (Sequel to The Shy Alpha)

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hannahlaban By hannahlaban Updated Mar 09, 2016

"We can't let her see us... we need to remain hidden..."

"She can never know we were here... she'd never accept us..."

I could see her hair fall gently against her cheek as she turned to face one of her friends, her eyes lighting up with laughter, and giggles spilling out from between her lucious lips... I felt my heart constrict tightly in pain, knowing I'll never be the one to make her laugh like that. I can only watch her do so from afar...

"We need to go!"

"I know... but one more minute...?"

"If we stay one more minute it won't end well! She'll see us! And she'll hate us! We need to go!"

I sighed, running my hands through my wild, untamed pitch black hair, my white eyes darting backwards and forwards madly... cause that's what I was... mad... An untamed, feral, wild beast...

"Stop thinking and just run... Holy shit she's looking over here! Hide you fool!"

I quickly ducked behind the trees, hoping beyond hope that she hadn't spotted me, and that I was well hidden. My heart p...

Woah this is the first book where the wolf isn't demanding to meet his mate
simplicitysanity simplicitysanity May 05, 2016
Why do these people always assume everything like hunter assumed that Dominic and Alexa were together and shut her out for 12 years
angelina557 angelina557 May 22, 2014
                              now I feel sorry for him and he's in my good books again, but he should have accepted/ claimed her already and they could have helped eachother get stronger...instead he made her cry and made her believe  he hates her. 
                              I guess werewolves make mistakes and make wrong decisions too.
angelina557 angelina557 May 22, 2014
I knew this was going to happen and I can't say I feel all that sorry for him...... Maybe a tiny bit
angelina557 angelina557 May 22, 2014
YOU A$SHOLE, you didn't even get to know her, you didn't give her a chance.
angelina557 angelina557 May 22, 2014
Does he have a demon inside him? I guess I just gotta read further.