The Devil's Master

The Devil's Master

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Susannah Oddi By thetempered Completed

It is the mid-1600's and Britain is plagued with rumours of devilry and witchcraft. Laura Sheridan, a bee-keeper in a small hamlet in Essex, is drawn to a stranger who offers to unlock the secrets of her magical lineage. To unravel her 'gift', and to avenge the deaths of her loved ones, Laura travels to London - a supernatural hive of murder, blood and disease.

The Open Novella Contest  - Prompt 7 - Village healer #opennovellacontest

This novella is a prequel to my 'Tempered' short stories, set in Victorian London.

This story fictionalises research on the practice of James Murrell and his family of cunning folk. It re-imagines their tools, practices and supposed talents. James Murrell was a cunning man who lived in Essex in the early 1800's. Known as Cunning Murrell, and self-proclaimed as "The Devil's Master", Murrell would be consulted on matters relating to healing, divination, finding lost things and removing spells from those bewitched.

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