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The third half

The third half

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Mia By toogayforurshit Updated Jan 09

It was the first of April 1978, St. Mungo's, London. In room 23 three babies were born. They all had newborn blue eyes and red hair. Their names were Fred, George and Sarah Weasley. Their arrival was a joyful one.

But the happiness soon came to an end. The same night Sarah vanished from her crib. Some say that she was kidnapped by Death-eaters, and some say she was killed. The family didn't know which possobility was worse.

dancingtacos23 dancingtacos23 Apr 03, 2016
Cuteness overload!! I started tearing up due to the cuteness
bl00dywarri0r bl00dywarri0r Apr 15, 2016
Umm...... Lily and James Potter died on the 31st of October. How is it summer when she arrives at the Weasley's?
TheFandomQueen__ TheFandomQueen__ May 01, 2016
Can you just imagine a frustrated Sirius when she keeps saying "Pafoo"
                              "NO ITS PADFOOT Puh Ahh D F OO T"
LyraHarper LyraHarper Dec 19, 2015
I love your Hufflepuff pride! You should love your house! After all, it's better than Gryffindor..
CallMeBlaine CallMeBlaine Dec 17, 2014
btw, the Twins were in 3rd year in Harry's first, so they were 12 and their bday is April 1st so count backwards from there ;)
swilson456 swilson456 May 25, 2014
Not gonna correct you, but what if like Fred and George were born on the 1st April but at like 11:58PM and Sarah was born two minutes after, on the 2nd April? Love the start, will definitely read! :D