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amina bruhh. By Dramione_97 Updated 10 months ago
Fangirls…what do you think of them? Hard-core? Crazy? Obsessed? Well these particular girls are the prime definition of that. Now what do you think of when you hear the words One Direction? A British/Irish boy-band that are amazingly talented singers and makes girls all around the world sexually frustrated and have no social life? Or maybe it’s just only one route you can drive in your car? These five girls are flying all the way from Australia to London to pursue their dreams; kidnapping One Direction. Will it be a big success? Or would they just die from too many feels of being in the same country as their idols? Only one way to find out….
*Mumbles about why we can't both have Louis then takes Nial's hand* I never win these battles
I don't understand Harry to be  honest but if you want YOU can have Harry and I'll have Louis
@Bandana12 RIGHT!! *Hugs Louis to no end* Yo Bandana12, you can have Hazz, but I gotta have Boobear. Ill die without him. Truce??
@Bandana12 Don't even get me started PEASANT! *Snaps fingers* Tommo is mine and will always be mine. AGE SHOULDNT MATTER!
Um. Exceeeeeuuuuse me? Are we going to have a problem of sorts?
@Bandana12 HE'S MINE!! (Lol, video diaries;) But seriously, I get BooBear.