Lust┆Seven Deadly Families

Lust┆Seven Deadly Families

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If everyone thought that our family would sit around innocently during holidays together and singing songs about grace, then they're damn wrong. Especially when your supposed to be cousin is looking at you with lustful eyes

We're not related to each other in the first place. We just have.. the same line of business you could say

We're not completely human and the other part of us is evil. Our "family" deals with tempting humans to do wrong and we handle this specific sin called, Lust


There are Nephilim roaming on Earth and we're one of them. We were sent to tempt humans to sin and each "family" on earth have to deal with each sin. So there are Seven deadly families in the world and I ended up in a family full of lust. Joy.


BONUS: Original poems for each chapter
-Will be editing this book when it's completed.