Forever GONE

Forever GONE

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He sarted running towards me making me frown. I heard him say "move " before i heard the sound of horn, i looked at my right to see the source of sound only  to find a car moving towards me in full speed and it's headlights blinding my eyes i tried to shield my eyes by placing my hand in front of them waiting for the impact to car hit me but i was jereked front to a hard chest and arms snaked around me. And i knew it was non other than Justin.

I couldn't hear any thing and my heart was beating faster. My eyes filled with tears. My body shaking in fear. He took a step back and  searched my body for any wound but there was non, then his eyes turned to my face  and he analysed it for a while then hugged me tight as if his life depends on it ,like was scared to leave me scared that i might disappeared scared that if he let go then i would never return
So i hugged him back  assuring him that im here."Are you alright?"
"Hmm" was only i could say.
 he took a step back and looked at me. There was so may things in those eyes. There were so many unspoken words fear, anger, care , concern and something that i couldn't recognise. He then became serious and started shouting at my carelessness

"Have you lost it? Who stands in middle of the road. What would have happened if i didn't come on time? You took the shit out of me! What would i do without you? How can you be so careless? Why where....." He kept on going but my mind was on something else. 

Too scared by his reaction. Too scared to find him worried, scared for me. If this is how he is  going to react at my almost accident, then what he will do when he finds out the truth. I thought to myself. What will happen when he comes to know that its too late?. What he will do when he finds out I'm hidding something that no one knows, what he will do when he finds out im..

OH NO! This is bad.

This is the story of Sakura olsen and what happens when Justin walker comes in her life. To know more please  read my story and vote them

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