Only Me  [Yandere Yoongi x reader]

Only Me [Yandere Yoongi x reader]

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"you call this insanity, love?!" you said to him. He didn't answer.

"love?!" you repeated aggresively.

"yes dear? What is it?" he replies cheekily.

"Oh my god. I can't even..... ugh." you give up.

"I love you too!"


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How is a beeping sound supposed to wake me up? Bro not even an earthquake can wake me up...
MIN YOONGI. My cute little suga. But I love and worship all of them
FRICKIN SAME. He is actually my bias because once I looked into his eyes, I felt a connection, I guess you can say. Like I have known him for a long time.
i like mornings because i get to wake up to a bts song as an alarm. and then i can sleep for 10 minutes. and then i listen to the same bts song. but, then this is where i hate mornings. BECAUSE OF SCHOOL
Blackpink- Jennie(  but I also love the other 3)
                              Seventeen- Vernon(so cute and talented😍)
                              Wanna one- haven't gotten to them yet but I will
geolojin geolojin Oct 29
yall so overreacting. of cOUrSe everyone has a camera in their room!!!1!!1!1