I Dare to Love and be Loved

I Dare to Love and be Loved

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Enzo By rockylorenzo Updated Jan 18, 2019

Emma is in a longterm relationship with her highschool boyfriend Jake. She didn't went to college and focused her time on her first job as Customer Representative until  she got promoted at a young age as a Supervisor. Her career is doing so great. The day she met Jake, she's about tell him the great new when Jake surprised her instead. He got someone pregnant. Emma got her heart broken on the day that's supposed to be the best day of her life. 

Two years passed and she got herself again on the same situation. A situation that allowed her to continue a relationship with a man that has a child on another woman. Will she fight for this love, or will she give up the same way she gave up her first love.

Em knows that sometimes we figure things out and then life changes and we have to figure it all out again. I'm sure she'll learn that soon enough and I'm sure she'll have her own story to tell.

Warning: This book contains mature scenes and not suitable for young minds. Read at your own risk.