Born a Badass

Born a Badass

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Prince By Blue_Little_Monster Updated Nov 18

My eyes scanned the area around me before seeing a clearing of trees.  I felt the soft dirt beneath me fly back as I let it all out.  I bolted, running as fast as my legs could take me.  The trees becoming blurred abstract shapes as the wind sloppily kissed my face, the cold air blanketing me.  My lungs burned but I kept pushing, I ran until I didn't know where I was headed.  I crossed out of pack territory a while back but wasn't sure if I entered another pack's territory.   Lungs burning and blood shaking, I dropped to the ground.  Panting, I looked around me; the trees towered over me like giant shadows.  Unfamiliar scents flooded my nose as the leaves rustled, fighting with the wind.  

All was still and quiet.  Nothing could be heard but the soft murmur of the woods.  I sighed, laying lazily on the edge of a cliff, my white fur reflecting the bright full moonlight.  I yawned, suddenly growing tired from the sequence of events that happened. 

Stupid Tyler.  

As I looked at the world hidden beneath the cliff's edge, I heard a twig snap.  My ears shot up like bullets as my body went on high alert.  I stood up abruptly, facing the source of the sound.  My low growl danced against the trees as a wolf silhouette appeared.  

Once the light of the moon washed over the white wolf, I glared defensively into their soft sapphire like eyes before one word lingered in my mind, causing me to lower my guard and hang my head in submission. 


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