His Child, Her Baby, Their Family

His Child, Her Baby, Their Family

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Sharifah Zaid By striving_muslimah Updated Feb 24


Special Blessings #1 

Hâroon Scott knew his four-year-old son had problems-it showed in his constant temper tantrums, his lack of interaction with those around him, and his inability to speak when other children of his age were already speaking and telling long tales. His lukewarm marriage was already deteriorating when the child was diagnosed with autism. Before he knew it, his marriage had crashed down around him and his wife had left him and their son, and he was alone to raise a child with a condition he didn't have the knowledge or experience to handle.

Charity Williams was under the impression she had a perfect marriage. She had been married for a year to a man she'd known almost her whole life, a man she considered her best friend, and was pregnant with her first child. Then when a screening test was done, and it was discovered the child in her womb would never be normal, everything fell apart. Just weeks later, she found herself divorced, alone, pregnant, and with no one to turn to.

A fateful day intertwined the lives of Charity and her baby with the lives of Hâroon and his family. When a helping hand was offered at a time she so desperately needed it, she couldn't refuse. When melding the two families as one seemed to be the best choice for both parents, they took the plunge. Yet, when unforeseeable events of Charity's past threaten the marriage and happiness of the couple, Charity's doubts and insecurities began to affect her marriage and possibly the future of both parents and their children.

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Ohhhhhh. Finally I kinda lost this book after adding in my library ...
Can't wait to read it! The blurb is amazing! This is definitely going to be one of my favourite books! :D
This is my second time reading this book and I was thinking about this the other day as I read it around a year ago! You're an amazing writer!
amuchan98 amuchan98 Apr 22, 2015
I will soon start...after June 10......my horrible evil exams