The Cry of Her Heart - Historical Fiction

The Cry of Her Heart - Historical Fiction

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MCummins By MCummins Updated Dec 31, 2012

Nathaniel was a young man given the responsibility of evicting a woman from her home. He never expected how it would affect his future...

Vianna was a woman blessed with love for her son. She never could have imagined the challenges she would face when she opened her door to a stranger...

He was a man of wealth and she was a woman of poverty. They both had hidden pasts and possessed secret stories. Yet, when thrown together under unusual circumstances, they find themselves bound by their faith and love for each other.

Genres: Historical fiction/adventure/romance *Clean!*

  • beginnings
  • christian
  • death
  • faith
  • fear
  • fiction
  • god
  • hero
  • historical
  • love
  • man
  • medieval
  • mother
  • poor
  • sacrifice
  • secrets
  • struggle
  • twist
  • victory
  • woman
mcorona7 mcorona7 Jun 26, 2012
@MCummins  hi, sorry to dissapoint but I am just a humble reader :) would never and could never criticize because my books are not perfect. I'm just glad I found you :) I've read everything from my other favs on wattpad :)
MCummins MCummins Jun 26, 2012
@mcorona7 Thank you so much for your comment!! I appreciate you reading and would love to hear if you have any criticisms/critiques... :) What can I do to improve? What are your thoughts regarding the following chapters?
mcorona7 mcorona7 Jun 26, 2012
this is good :) thanks for deciding to start sharing your stories with us.
MCummins MCummins Jun 07, 2012
@BraveNewWriter That would be wonderful!! Thank you so very much!! :D
BraveNewWriter BraveNewWriter Jun 07, 2012
@MCummins  That's great :D Running is definitely something I'm passionate about. And, yeah sure, I'd love to help :)) I'd probably have to do it on my own time, though, without a real schedule- if that's alright with you :)
MCummins MCummins Jun 06, 2012
@lstornelli27 Thank you so much for reading and voting for my novel! I really appreciate your encouragement and I am glad you enjoyed it... :)