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Ariana Grande is a nobody, a goody goody, and the sweetheart of the school.   

Justin Bieber, is the school playboy.   He's in a relationship with one of the 'populars', not only is she a popular, she's Ariana's best friend.  

Justin loves Selena, but Selena hasn't really been 'into' the relationship anymore.   

What happens when Selena finally decides to cut it off with Justin?  

Will Ariana ever fall for the school playboy?  

Will 'Jariana' ever be a thing?

---Aesthetic ---Aesthetic Nov 03, 2016
Bitch i wake up at 5 every morning then whine about going to school for a hour then i get dress and go to hell
Well I take evening school... So classes start at 12:00, cause of which I can sleep in :-P
-jarianaftcake -jarianaftcake Jul 28, 2016
Every time I see "black skinny jeans" I think of 5sos I have a problem
Jekkenx Jekkenx Dec 01, 2016
IKR, why do we need to learn about history? Science? Gym? Math and Language Arts are the only useful thing and it is bad to sit long in a chair so..