The Bad Boy Calls Me Kitten

The Bad Boy Calls Me Kitten

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"You'll be fine?" I shrieked. "You just got freaking stabbed! You're letting out more blood than a girl on her period! You are not going to be fine! I have to call the police. No wait, I have to call an ambulance! Oh my God, why didn't I think of that before? Stupid, Genevi-"

"Stop talking!" he growled, turning away. I wrung my hands together in panic, trying to calm myself down. "I can take care of this, kitten. Leave me alone. It's just a small wound. Not like I haven't been stabbed before." he muttered the last part.


"Leave." he growled. I stared at him, unable to close my mouth. I had never seen someone get stabbed before. Heck, I had never seen someone get into a fight before. Ever. The only violence I had experienced was in movies. It was unfortunate for me that I found out how I would react in a danger situation like this. And by react, I mean completely flip the hell out.


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In Oklahoma, we get one snow, one ice, and that's it.  At the beginning of winter this year, it was finally a nice temperature in the 80s Fahrenheit.
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Matt smith is more attractive in person than he is on the show. My husband bought me a photo op with him for our 4th wedding anniversary and oh my lord. I almost fangirled myself into a heart attack. I'm pretty sure if I ever meet David Tennant, I WILL fangirl myself into a heart attack. 😂
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My mum used to shout at me to read more....
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                              Even though I all ready read it...
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