Searching for The One | Bradley Will Simpson 》The Vamps

Searching for The One | Bradley Will Simpson 》The Vamps

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'It was just destined to happen,' he said, entwining his fingers with mine.

'It was all about searching for the one, you know?' I say, my eyebrows knitting together as I watched our hands fiddle with each other's. 'And you were the one Brad,' I whisper, bringing his hand up to my lips to plant a kiss on his knuckles. 

all rights reserved. 


2016 WARNING: I started this when I was 13 so it's cheesy af to the point you will want to commit because I was legit vampette af (if you're vampette af you'll love this story) and the grammar and errors throughout is horrific. 

I hate this story so much but it hasn't done too bad with the views and support :) and it's nice to be able to look back to when I was one of the biggest vampettes going lmao

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I'd rather be 'prude' and 'a pussy' than have a  set of fried lungs and a useless brain
SurakshaKaurr SurakshaKaurr Mar 26, 2016
It's not embarrassing to be a virgin actually.. At where I live, people say you should be proud about it :)))))