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The redneck has feelings? (daryl dixon love story)

The redneck has feelings? (daryl dixon love story)

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Kayla rolfes By Kay0993 Updated Aug 01, 2014

Kayla had a regular life before all this. A loving mother, a father who even though they didn't get along all the time, loved her dearly, and a 16 year old brother who was her best friend in the entire world. But when the apocalypse starts its all different. Her moms gone. Her brothers lost and her dad gets bit, but before he goes 2 men find them. One in a sheriffs hat and the other a redneck with a crossbow. Before her dad dies he makes Rick promise to take care of kayla like she was his own and he plans on keepin it. But for how long? Will he still be there when he finds out her secrets? And how will daryl take it having his walls broken down so easily by this girl? Will he fight his feelings or will he surrender and do anything to protect her?
A/N Story will follow the walking dead events, but some may be out of order and some people may live longer

Well my names kayla too , first time ever and it's already depressing
That awkward moment when you know someone named Kayla. She's my cousin.
Lol in my book I have the main characters sister named Kayla XD
_MadHattress385_ _MadHattress385_ 4 days ago
*squeals like a retarded seal* THE FEEEEEELLLLLSSSSS *que seizure*
TobiasDixon12 TobiasDixon12 Jul 31, 2016
Must this person bring in so much misory into their stories 😔😞
littlebird5369 littlebird5369 Dec 30, 2016
my names jenna and i only meet people with my name i've never seen it in a book but i wish i had a more unique name