First Mate || Z.M

First Mate || Z.M

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Hannah By dreamersleep101 Updated Aug 13, 2018

The brunette roared in laughter before he instantly leaned in his warm sweet rum filled breath radiating over the the young prince's plump chapped lips.

"Listen here ya little handsome royal brat. I may be hung but that is if your wretched father could ever find you." He leaned even closer his lips close to touching Zayn's lips "While you are aboard my ship you will submit to me." 

The raven haired boy quit his fight and soon found himself shrugged up under the taller man. Shivers running up his spine making him feel as though he was in the presence of a vicious beast. 

"And when I mean submit-" he brushed his lips upon Zayn's for a short moment then moved to his ear lightly nibbling his lobe "I mean SUBMIT" he whispered in low menacing tone.

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