Get In The Van.. WE HAVE CANDY!! : 1d & 5sos

Get In The Van.. WE HAVE CANDY!! : 1d & 5sos

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You know that crazy neighbor you have? 

No. The other one. 

Wait, you were right the the first time, sorry. 

That's Izzy Pond. A crazy, lovable girl who loves Doctor Who, and bands. And food. Like Oreos, and Nutella. But who doesn't, am I right? There's another thing you should know about Izzy Pond.

 Izzy.... Well.... She gets kidnapped by One Direction. 



 This isn't your normal One Direction Kidnapping Fanfic. Nope nope nope. This is different. 

 Well.. It is about One Direction.. And it is about her getting kidnapped by them.. But it's.. I don't know how to explain it.

But let's just say it involves 5Sauce, Nutella, silly string, pigeons, ice cream, clowns, conveyor belts, letting fan girls in to the house as revenge, cat fights, people getting buried in the snow with only underwear on, etc.    

And you thought this was a normal fanfic. 

Copyright February 21, 2014.

deathleopard deathleopard Oct 05, 2016
I personally hate Nutella (mainly because it looks like chocolate sauce)
21-Unicorns 21-Unicorns Feb 25
Ooh, the creepy hoarders that scare me every time when I come home from school cause they like to sit outside?
twaimz_life twaimz_life Aug 30, 2016
When I first saw ur profile pic I was quite alarmed because I though it was a tellatubbie running violently towards me
asmath12345 asmath12345 Mar 13, 2016
You are just. Wow. Just. Wow
                              You are my idol and my inspiration
neonquake neonquake Aug 21, 2015
I read this about a year or 2 ago, came across it again now and am gonna re-read it!!
RavenSlade RavenSlade Mar 15, 2015
I don't even like 1D but you know what
                              Who cares? I'm gonna read it anyway