Banshee •E. Call• [1]

Banshee •E. Call• [1]

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A female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death. 

MaLia Davis. She thought she had a normal life... that she was finishing up her high school career and would leave Washington for good. After seeing her parents always fight and her dad abusing her mom, she was ready to leave and forget all of that ever happened. 

After meeting Jacob Black when she was eight years old, she always thought that he was hiding something from her when they both got older. Truth is, he was. Of course he did not want her to know. She has always heard the legends about wolves and cold ones when she was at the bonfire.  

She never thought anything of them until she started feeling different herself. Not that she believed she was a wolf, and she knew for sure she wasn't a cold one.  But she knew that hearing voices in her head, screaming at random times and feeling like she's going crazy. 

Sadly, she's afraid that if she told someone that they would think she's crazy and lock her up. Not knowing who to turn to she ends up making some crazy decisions. 

What happens when Malia finally meets the pack? 

//New Moon// 

//Disclaimer- I do not own the Twilight series or the plot. I do own my characters and their plots. I also do not own any quotes I use from books, tv shows, and movies.//

[Book 1 of 3]

[New Embry book coming soon because I feel like this series was rushed and unprofessional!]

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