A New Kind of Warrior

A New Kind of Warrior

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Darius Jung By DariusJung Updated Dec 03, 2017

Lindal has been chosen by her god to be the lone girl among her people's caste of divine warriors, giving her the power to sense and shape the natural world around her. Now fate leaves the last chance of salvation for her people in her hands. She must protect a sacred fragment of their god against a ruthless invader. But as the land dies around her and her power wanes, her only hope lies in seeking help from an unexpected and dangerous ally.

A 6-part short story that will be posted on Fridays and Sundays from November 17 - December 3, 2017.

The origins of this story lie in a first draft fantasy novel that I wrote years ago and subsequently shelved. While the fundamental structure of that story wasn't working, I was really happy with the world that I had built. I decided to explore it further by writing several short stories set in that world. This was my first try and I hope to share more of them on this website.

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Character image used on the cover and chapter headers by Makar Vinogradov (Flickr.com)