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JaysCurls By JessTWMcfly Updated Jul 20, 2014

"Jessica empty your mouth" Mr Parker sighed. "Ughh why?" I frown leaning back in my chair "Because this is my classroom, therefore my rules, so chewing gum. Bin. NOW!!!" I rolled my eyes before standing up, i slowly made my way to the front of the classroom and empted my mouth "Happy now" I huffed "Get on with your work" He said bluntly "Nahh im alright tar sir" I shrugged "I never asked if you were alright, i said get on with your work Miss Woolliscroft" "Cant be arsed, you can shuv that shit up your arse!" I chucked the work on the floor and slung my bag over my shoulder "detention, with me Friday afterschool" He shouted "Ill look forward to it" I huffed before slamming the door on my way out. 

***So this is my new storyyyy! 'Detention' Ive wrote the first chapter and ill try post it sometime tomorrow just need to proof read it, I hope you like it :* Love you all

Thanks to all as always <333

Jessica xxxxxx ***