The Secret of Drulea Cottage #Wattys2019

The Secret of Drulea Cottage #Wattys2019

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Claire Kohler By JCKohler Updated 4 days ago

"I shall always love you, my dear bairn. Remember that, no matter what happens. And you must promise me something before I go," Bethany whispered with all the strength she could muster.

"Anything, Mum," the young woman answered.

"You must stay away from the water."


The year is 1759. Briony Fairborn, midwife of Everton, comes from a family shrouded in mystery and scandal. With only one friend in the world after her mother's death, she has little hope of gaining any others, let alone finding a husband. She threw away all that fairytale nonsense of monsters and  "happily ever after" long ago. 

But everything changes when an unexpected ship finds its way to Everton's port.

Suddenly, Briony's life becomes much more complicated. These newcomers are hiding something, and Briony soon discovers that they're not the only ones. A strange man arrives in town, a man who offers Briony the acceptance she craves, but at what cost? He seems to know something about her family that she doesn't. Is there truth to the rumors that the Fairborn women are more than human?

And what about the charming owner of the ship, Santiago Mendes? His interest in Briony seems to go beyond mere friendship, but could he ever love someone like her?

As Briony seeks the truth, the secrets of her heritage begin to unravel. Secrets that she may not be ready to face.

Maybe it's time she started believing in fairytales.
Cover Art by panda_lover2323

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