The Freshman

The Freshman

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blasian. By theylovedayy Updated Jun 22

"... if you do fuck around with one of em, make sure that hoe not a 'he raped me' ass hoe.. soon as them hoes get caught; they wanna lie they way out. like nah bitch, own up to that shit. tell your 'mommy and daddy' how you was riding a nigga dick like a grown ass lady" 

J was full out laughing now. Dude sounded like he was finna choke on his saliva. ole extra ass. 

"I'on think them hoes ah let me fuck anyway, you know they mom probably drilled they favorite lil parent line in they head" 

J ain't even have to tell me what line he was talking about. I knew that line by heart. "Boys just want to fuck, they ah say anything to get in between your legs" I said mimicking a lady's voice. Laughing afterwards. 

"Man you fucked up" J said, after he caught his breath again.

Daun'tae was against the whole "let's fuck around with the freshmans" thing, because in his mind; they were immature & simple-minded. Not only that, he was 18, and a senior. So what happens when he's placed into a freshman class because he slacked off a bit his freshman year? do you think one will catch his attention? if so, do you think she'd be easy, or like the other girls he's use to? 

Camillia was excited about making it to high school. she was always on her A game, when it came to her education. To her it was important, because she knew it affected her future life. she didn't care about boys, nor did she care about making friends. Making good grades were her main priority.


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