When Will Anyone Understand?

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Julia By JuliaLupin Updated a year ago
Do you think you know a thing or two about the half human, half animal creatures called nekos? Or are you confused?
    Leap into a high school experience with Ella, a sophomore attending Eko High. Do you think that you can deal with the drama of your own school? Find the malicious plots of other characters in a different realm. Experience the troubles that these students face with not only school work, but each other. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
    Loads of drama and relationships accompany the large group of friends as they continue to progress in their year. Can you bear with these nekos through the end, read on, or leave?
I agree. I feel like since she is younger you might need to not use as big of words.  I thought she was a teenager when I read it. Though I enjoyed reading it!
at the age of tree...? How is anything she's done possible for a three year old?
@JuliaLupin  I love the story so far. Im not even done reading all the way to chappy 16. And Im Randy. You know me. So break a leg. (Or kill Britanny)
I like this story! I think it's super cool that you made her part animal. I wish I was part animal... I also think you have great details! Oooo and before I forget you have stunning dialogue. It flows so naturally.