Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)

Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)

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Haley Netherton By squigmo Completed

For the entirety of her life, Iris Gwenneth has known the words 'loss' and 'exclusion' all to well. With a dead mother and a broken engagement... Iris's father is the only one she has left. 
  However, when their country is attacked by fearful adversaries and one man from every family is forced to join the army, Iris learns that she may just lose him as well. That is, unless someone takes her father's place...
  In a tale of adventure, friendship, and sacrifice, Iris will discover what it means to be courageous --to find the strength to do what is right, even if it means breaking the laws of her country. She will also find that loving someone can mean giving up everything for them --even giving up life itself. 

In this new coming of age, Iris will learn that if one masquerades as a soldier for too long... 
  They might just become one.

(Now undergoing MASSIVE edit!)

elideisbored elideisbored Jun 10, 2016
Hi, I really enjoyed your story! The characters are quite interesting, too! If you wouldn't mind checking out and commenting/voting/reading my book the Panter, that'd be great ♥♥♥♥
xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx May 31, 2016
I think this is... maybe... my 7th, 8th time reading this XD
smilechild2 smilechild2 Jun 20, 2016
Please go check out my book, Blood Rains! Would be really appreciated :)
A_S_Front A_S_Front Jun 13, 2016
I am Gavin. This is Sparta. You are dovahkiin. DRAGON BORN!!!!!  
                              I'm the only one? Ok
                              Ok 😟
clickmethen clickmethen May 19, 2016
Omg as soon as I saw tokens, I knew that I had read this!! 👍😃
YourLadyCrimsonette YourLadyCrimsonette May 24, 2016
I absolutely love the pic in the media. 3D animation is really fascinating