The Lord$ (Urban)

The Lord$ (Urban)

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azurekahlo By azurekahlo Updated Aug 18, 2016

Kimbella Banks is trapped in a world of gratuitously violent, impecunious filled, drug-cultured world. Her mother dies unfortunately, leaving Kimbella to raise her younger brother without guidance. Forcing Kimbella to make rigorous decisions for her brother and her to survive. She had no choice but to either sell her body for money or either to go into the drug game like the regular goons who lived on her block. An 19 year-old, drug pusher known as Kiloz (Anthony Foust) meets Kimbella as she seeks out for help to make money. After being just "business partners", Kimbella and Anthony find love for each other. Together they make their way to the top of the drug game, as the most powerful couple in New York City. They had connects coming from everywhere around the city, everyone wanting a piece of what they had. Death threats and more conflicts continue to happen to this notorious couple, but will they become America's Most Wanted or just some unknowns to the rest of the world? Follow me, on an journey of the life's of these two people who grew up in the slums of Harlem.

They started from tattered attire; now to materialistic items. Watch as how they make their way to the top only to be the best...

Copyright©2014 by BellaBanks; All Rights Reserved.

Breathtaking_Verses Breathtaking_Verses Nov 06, 2015
I see a thug lady in the making. I ain't telling no lies. Even a thug lady cries. But I show no fear. I cry gangster tears.
CreativeWonderWoman CreativeWonderWoman Jul 30, 2015
idk if its just me, but did anybody catch that "fair skin" part??????....?????...?
Beautiful_Meme Beautiful_Meme Dec 04, 2014
you can easily spot a cliche story just from the description and this here ain't no where near the word "cliche"
LovedrAke123 LovedrAke123 Apr 19, 2014
that's sad they have to go through that I love the way you desribe  things great chapter
gvldenjewel gvldenjewel Apr 09, 2014
So detailed  and descriptive. Looking forward to continuing to read!
VirginErotica VirginErotica Mar 16, 2014
I love the way you describe her and her lifestyle. I can picture everything that's going on. I feel like the plot of your story is going to be amazing and I can't wait ti read more...your talented hun to say the least!