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Runaway Princess (NaLu)

Runaway Princess (NaLu)

294K Reads 11.8K Votes 23 Part Story
👑 Rein Astraea By JeRein_14 Completed

Lucy Heartfilia has been keeping a big secret from her guildmates.. She is the famous Runaway Princess from the far away kingdom of Zentopia. She was so sick of being locked up at the castle that's why she ran away. And now, she is apart of the loving family of Fairy Tail. She will encounter problems relating to her Father. Will she solve them? And will her guildmates discover her secret?

natsu_trash natsu_trash Jun 16, 2016
My name is slightly longer
                              Lorrin Rebekah Annis Hunziker Patton
Sandra225 Sandra225 Apr 27, 2016
*points at her father*  f*ck you  *points at Natsu* you cool
                              *points at her father again*   f*ck you, I'm out
ASilentMelody ASilentMelody Sep 18, 2016
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              May I say
                              This escalated quite quickly
heichoubrat1 heichoubrat1 Mar 16, 2016
This man confuses me, is he flattering her while threatening her???
annabsiley annabsiley Jun 02, 2016
Sweetheart. You shoot magic balls out of your mouth. You are a magician.
PeculiarFairies PeculiarFairies Jul 04, 2016
Everyone is complaining about how long their name it's and my ENTIRE NAME IS ONLY 7 LETTERS