Dialogue Concerning the Imminent Apocalypse

Dialogue Concerning the Imminent Apocalypse

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Louise Johnson was an African American teen living on the brink of the Space Race. Her hobbies included studying the twinkling night sky, ignoring her racist classmates, equally fantasizing about both killing and kissing Patricia Morris--and oh, using quantum teleportation to her own advantage by the means of a perplexing silver Ring. That was, until she found herself knee-deep in a heap of files revealing that the newly-formed NASA was hiding inconceivable research from Project Vanguard that should've destroyed the entire planet worse the than progressing Cold War. Now obviously, the forty-eight states of America are still intact, and so is our beloved Earth. 

But why? 

Fortunately for humanity, Louise Johnson and her diverse team of science-loving geeks turned the imminent apocalypse into just another facet of American history. And this is the entirely illegal story of how.

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Di_Rossi Di_Rossi Jun 20
 #FBE  For me, the "scientific (fiction) journalist"  attempt at meshing these two things doesn't quite work. Perhaps better would be 'scientific journalist and science fiction writer'.
- - Nov 22, 2017
sooo pneumonia isn't rly caused my cold weather/ coldness. it's caused by a bacteria or virus.. maybe change this to hypothermia
Di_Rossi Di_Rossi Jun 20
 #FBE  "My bad" wouldn't have been said in the '50s. "My mistake" would be more time-relevant.
Di_Rossi Di_Rossi Jun 20
 #FBE  Even with the ability....
                              The head of this sentence doesn't seem to fit with the tail to make a whole animal.  What does persistence and patience have to do with jumping through time? 
                              The narrator seems a tad problematic here, but I'll wait and see how it develops.
Di_Rossi Di_Rossi Jun 20
 #FBE I am confused by the description : throwing her legs over her side of her bike. 
                              Sounds like she's riding her bike side-saddle, but that can't be true? And if only 1 side of the bike is hers, who does the other side belong to?
Di_Rossi Di_Rossi Jun 20
 #FBE very nice character description here. Adds icing to our understanding of Connie.