Kissing Prince Charming

Kissing Prince Charming

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Megan ♦ By Nickymb Updated Jul 24, 2015

❝What would you do to find your Prince Charming?❞

Everyone knows your first kiss is supposed to be the most exciting thing in your life. For Grace Carter it just so happened to take place in a janitors closet with a boy she doesn't even know. Now with the memory of a kiss she'll never forget, with a boy she doesn't even know, she decides it's time to find her Prince Charming once and for all. 

Kissing half the boys in your class is hard enough, but kissing half the boys in your school is a whole other problem. Firstly, she has to figure out a way for them to actually kiss back. Secondly, her best friend thinks she's crazy for even thinking a guy like him exists. Thirdly, she can't help but wonder if it was all in her head to begin with. 

With senior year almost ending, and the boy in the janitors closet still a secret, Grace is willing to do whatever, and kiss whomever, to find her mystery man. 

Even if she has to leave a trail of broken hearts in her wake to find him.

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Nianah_Hannah Nianah_Hannah Sep 18, 2016
I love how people tell stories about their first kiss ...
                              And I'm here
                              An 11 yrs old nearly 12
JorDunDunDun222 JorDunDunDun222 Aug 14, 2016
My first kiss was my best friends brother when I was six. We were spinning him around in a rolly chair and for some reason i just leaned over and kissed him in front of everyone. Everyone being his two sisters, his cousin, and my sister. It was so embarrassing.
SleepingWithStatic SleepingWithStatic Jul 01, 2016
But if she was feeling him up surely she would have felt breasts
julieannelissehyland julieannelissehyland May 02, 2016
Or doing endless Youtube marathons drinking pepsi and cheese.
hannah699 hannah699 Nov 03, 2016
You forgot being a rude hoe to ppl but I can go wit the last one
Nianah_Hannah Nianah_Hannah Sep 18, 2016
I call people "tae" which means poop yes I call people poop you can't blame me I don't know their names yah know..