Living with the Brooks Boys

Living with the Brooks Boys

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xxLivingTheLifexx By xxLivingTheLifexx Updated Aug 17, 2017

Charlotte Chambers is leading the life of a normal teenage girl. She has a boyfriend, amazing friends and a loving family. In fact, Charlotte couldn't ask for anything more in life. However, when Charlotte's brother - Ryan - was diagnosed with leukaemia, her parents sent her half way across the country to live in a family of eight boys.

In a dramatic upturn of events, Charlotte is forced to move away from the place she had been raised in, and adjust to life in Denver. But just how hard will living with eight totally gorgeous boys be? Homesick, and heartbroken, family ties will be tested, new friendships will form, enemies will make themselves known and the truth will be twisted, time and time again.

Good luck Charlotte!

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xbitch_what_the_fuck xbitch_what_the_fuck Mar 26, 2018
I   A M   C R Y I N G   S O   H A R D   R I G H T   N O W   .
emma-kinda-chill emma-kinda-chill Nov 27, 2017
That would have killed me. Me and my dad are best friends. If i was in her place (Thank bejeasus im not) i would have given my mom the middle finger instead of a hug while boarding
jadeblainn jadeblainn Apr 13, 2017
Really? How could you go 2 months without seeing your boyfriend??
emma-kinda-chill emma-kinda-chill Nov 27, 2017
Im so sorry but the parents pissed me off sorry for bashing them.
AngelinaEBallerina AngelinaEBallerina Dec 14, 2018
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