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My Pokemon Is A Human?!

My Pokemon Is A Human?!

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Updated Dec 30, 2016

You never knew the day would come where your Pokemon would turn into a human but you also never imagined love between a Pokemon and human was possible. 
But you know what everyone says, nothing is impossible <3

lps_swagtoys100 lps_swagtoys100 Aug 05, 2016
Thunder wave I can't move I'm paralyzed around you.
                               Thought I would just put that in.
KxNet928 KxNet928 Feb 17, 2016
Kinda scary but cool I actually thought that he was gonna die but he did not so that's good ^~^
KilluaZoldkuck KilluaZoldkuck Aug 28, 2016
I loves this it's so kawii! Plus it's perfect cause my jolteon is a boy ;p
GrusvelHernandez GrusvelHernandez Aug 05, 2016
please write this story in Spanish I am Venezuelan , and I understand nothing :3
rabbitsfoote rabbitsfoote Feb 01, 2016
Awww ^ω^≧∇≦(๑♡∀♡๑)↖(^ω^)↗(。・ω・。)= ̄ω ̄=(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥
XxMidnightFlowerxX XxMidnightFlowerxX Dec 30, 2016
Am I the Only one who doesn't put my name in (y/n) and just read it as Yn