Princess Marinette

Princess Marinette

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Princess Marinette moved to Paris 7 years ago for political reasons and had been staying with her Uncle Tom and aunty Sabine. Marinette has kept her secret safe for these past 7 years from everyone including her best friend Alya and her two other close friends, Nino and Adrien, and she intends to keep it that way.

Marinette is sitting in class when Ms Bustier announces to the class that they will be taking a two month trip to China, of course, everyone is excited including Marinette to go to China, that is, until she tells the class that they will be going to the princesses coronation, at that moment Marinette froze. Later that night, while talking to Tikki, they both decided Marinette should leave with a bang.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the pictures/music I will put in the story and all credit goes to their rightful owners

(This is an Adrienette AU where Tikki and Plagg are both close friends of Marinette that live in China, it's also convenient that Plagg gets really close with Adrien too. Tikki and Plagg are dating but won't show their romantic feelings publicly. Marinette's mother and father in the show, Tom and Sabine, are Marinette's aunt and uncle, instead, Bridgette and Felix will be taking their place as parents)

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