The Irwin Twins

The Irwin Twins

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Allie:) By A_Hemmings Completed

Ashton and Allie Irwin. Everyone knows who they are. they are the cutest twins in the city of Sydney. They have been close, basically inseperable since birth. They are best friends. They couldn't imagine life without one another.

But, they hardly see eachother anymore.

 Ashton is in a band with his three best mates called 5 Seconds of Summer. Allie went to Uni after they graduated from high school. 

Whenever they are seen in public they are laughing and they seem ot have the perfect life. That's the secret.

Behind closed doors, Ashton and Allie's lives are nothing but hell.


I will upload the prolouge tonight, but that is all you will get until after I finsh my fanfic called Unpredictable :)

Bye now munchkinssss! 
~Allie xxx

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StrayanMixer StrayanMixer May 12, 2017
                              I think Luke need to learn his left and rights and learn that cows don't speak
My brother scared a boy that was mean to me so hard that he didn’t show up to school the next say
KellySanchez9 KellySanchez9 Jul 21, 2016
Man can I have an overprotective brother to Ashton would be great. I remember this one time me and my brother were fighting and my brother push a TV on me and I got a scar on my right eyebrow
Orlamaiydeven Orlamaiydeven Mar 20, 2016
I want ash as a brother 👌👌👌👌👌💖💖💖😘😘😘🔐
AussieCollaberations AussieCollaberations Jun 30, 2016
You should of went so you can tell the different between a tadpole and a turtle...
                              ~ Taylor
panda_express_420 panda_express_420 Mar 29, 2016
This one time my brother slapped me so hard on the head it gave me a concussion and slight memory loss. Can I have ash as a replacement.