The Seagull - part one of the Longhand trilogy

The Seagull - part one of the Longhand trilogy

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*Runner-up in the Winter Solstice 'Naturally normal' category.*  (never did work out how to put the sticker on) Draft two now underway
Louis Langford has no idea that he is an incarnation of the Celtic sun god, Lugh.  He has no idea that he is the grandson of Balor - the being responsible for the demise of planet earth, the enchantment of the humans that live on it, and the death of his father.  So, when he is abducted by the sea god Mannanan Mac Lir and told that he is the planet's last hope, he has no idea where to start.  

Fortunately, the Morrigan - goddess of death and war may be interested in helping.  Her idea of 'helping' is interesting and if he fails, she will send Louis back to the Otherworld and kill all the humans - but at least she's willing not to dispatch him on sight this incarnation.  

In part one of the Longhand trilogy, Louis needs to convince the Morrigan that not all humans are evil and that he can save planet earth without her killing them all.    How does she want him to start?  By finding Balor's daughter - the mother he has never met and convincing her to help him to break Balor's spell.

authors note:  Hi everyone and thanks if you are reading this.  just a warning - there are a couple of swear words in this but not many.  I'm planning to publish a chapter of this novel weekly on Friday and I have about 9 chapters written in first draft form so far.  I will be redrafting each as I post it, but this is still very much in draft form, so please do feel free to offer constructive criticism and let me know about spelling mistakes etc :)  

  I went for all rights reserved, so no reproduction of any parts in any language please...although obviously all gods are open access to write your own stuff in your own words :)
looking forward to reading other books on here too and can't believe I've only just found wattpad.