Shades of Grey

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Missiker Rose/ Real Life Person By Hi_I_Am_Friend Updated 3 years ago
Really short story. I wrote this BEFORE Fifty Shades of Grey came out, so no, it is not filled with all types of kinky sexual encounters.
This is so beautiful and has so much meaning. I always smile at everyone and every stranger I see.
Wow. Just wow. That story was so deep, I think it applies to me. I really think that that's what everybody should do once in a while, just say hi to a random stranger, just make them feel good about themselves. This story is an inspiration. Well done @Hi_I_Am_Friend
you are an amazing writer. this was INCREDIBLE, and I think the whole world needs to read this and discover how far just a simple 'hello' goes. you go, glen coco.
Really really liked this <3 its beautifully written and oh so true. But i like that its about life most stuff on here isnt really!
@ZeannaSpeaksTruth Haha Yesh sucker I did! And it's Agent Sheep to you! :P I've never heard it before I acted taking to some other person on wattpad! Haha 'it's the circle of life' <--- there's that quote again! :D
This is quite intriguing. I thinks thats how to spell it... anyway i love it :3