The Orphanage. {Reader x Law}

The Orphanage. {Reader x Law}

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I had a dream about this and I've literally just woken up but I absolutely must write about this dream, I was honestly thinking about giving up with writing cause sometimes I get a few rude comments...then I get rude cause don't you sass me you little turd but then I look mean when I retaliate. 

BUT ANYWAYS, this dream was at the very end and it was beautiful and the part I had been dying for was coming up, the two characters at the end kissing but just as it WAS HAPPENING, I woke up. Can you bloody believe it? So, I'm writing it now and the happy ending WILL happen.

I also don't know where this is going...I hadn't thought on how to convert it into One Piece characters, I was too impatient. SO, I'm winging it. I know, I'm terrible huehue.

Anyways, hope you enjoy and it'll be rated mature cause you know my potty mouth. 

And of course, I own not a thing.

{Edit Decided I'll make it about Law now, haha! Enjoy him, I know I would! :)}

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