STUCK          ( taeten. )   ✓

STUCK ( taeten. ) ✓

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𝐏. ・。⋆ By higherthantheclouds Completed

❛❛ do you look at your beloved ones with that expression too? ❜❜ 

❛❛ excuse me? ❜❜

❛❛ you've heard correctly. could you stop looking at me, please? ❜❜ 

❛❛ could you stop being so direct, please? ❜❜


( taeyong x ten / nct au )
( all rights of this story belong to me except the following, real persons. )

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fingeepickling fingeepickling Apr 26, 2018
Actually died hair isnt allowed in korean schools but considering that this whole scenario is pretty ... doesn't matter. This comment is useless lolol.. BUT SO FAR SO GOOD PAY!!
123love23 123love23 Dec 16, 2018
I don't know why but I keep zooming into the word porn in his name
Marks789thDebut Marks789thDebut Dec 06, 2018
I feel like I was just slapped with a bundle of sexiness, wtf.
02KNGN 02KNGN Nov 16, 2018
Okay i get it that the lip ring is sexy but i legit cried on how hard their pushing him. Yes i know other idols have had it worse but still
finally_some_privacy finally_some_privacy Sep 13, 2018
(In attempt to become a cat)
                              *slowly pushes object of desk*