The Crossing Destinies [OPEN Sonic the Hedgehog FF]

The Crossing Destinies [OPEN Sonic the Hedgehog FF]

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Witto150 By Witto150 Completed

A priest, demon, and boy walk into the bar... Wait, this isn't a joke!

Priest Shadow' peaceful life is disturbed by an increasing number of possessed people. During his midnight patrol, he finds mischievous boy Sonic, but at the same time, he senses a demon.

Shadow has no choice but to send Sonic to his church while he heads deeper into an abandoned part of the town.

However, dealing with a demon may be Shadow's least worry, as a terrible secret locked in his body resurfaces, turning his life upside down.

With his secret out, he unknowingly lures a deadlier enemy that doesn't hesitate to use drastic measures to hold the priest in his cold, merciless grasp.

One night changes all...

Original AU:
Rating: PG 14+, mention of blood, gore, death, light swearing
Help with the blurb: alysha40025201



Winning story in 12+ User-run Awards :-)

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Overall this is a great cover! Maybe you could’ve chosen a different font, but this font looks great too! The color combo is a little off but it’s workable! The shadow effect is amazing and overall it’s a great cover, nice work!
sugar_quill sugar_quill Sep 28
~The Berry Awards~
                              This sounds exciting. The description was curious. Jumping right in. :)
                              Judge Manali.
CarrowBrown CarrowBrown Oct 20
Please and thank you will take you everywhere and only cost you a breath of air. ;)
AkiraBee AkiraBee Aug 25
This is good actually, sometimes simplicity is the best way to go
sugar_quill sugar_quill Sep 28
Oh, I like the last cover better. Was that the first one you made?
AkiraBee AkiraBee Aug 25
The cover is really eye catching and vibrant. Great choice of color except the bottom part tho' other than that awesome 😊