I Kissed Mr. Popular (IKMP Series #1) [EDITING]

I Kissed Mr. Popular (IKMP Series #1) [EDITING]

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"Be my girlfriend, Bella" He hissed again.

One Friday night party. One popular boy and one ordinary girl. A random kiss, and a sudden proposition. One forced relationship and many strong friendships. A hidden past and a secret in the present. Break up , Patch up going on in a loop and a hell of a roller coaster ride for the two... 


Cover by @MarieDani.. Love you :* <3

#14 in ChickLit & 
#12 in Teen Fiction (Highest yet)

Omg, this was my very first book on Wattpad .
                              &' It will always be my favorite tbh .  #Rereader .
                              I think I've read this book like 6 times already . 
                              &' it's been a little more than a year on Wattpad .
sadgirlmgc sadgirlmgc Oct 29
random but oh well....i was literally just watching MarieDani (i think thats her youtube) and she talked about how she did this cover
God!!!!!this is my favourite book on wattpad 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 totally worth reading guys!!
                              💘caleb (3rd read)
Ur start of the book is amazing!! It makes the person who is reading, curious what will happen next!
dolansrlife dolansrlife Feb 29
Keyword being apparently. I'M BACK! Miss me? Lol wtf. I honestly can't stay away from this book and Ca and Bells so i'm back as #rr. XD
TheLondonDreamer TheLondonDreamer Dec 29, 2015
I really love this start..!! it's like character is my friend and describing everything to me 😄