Star Stuck (#Wattys2015)

Star Stuck (#Wattys2015)

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Kylie Jenson is not popular nor is she girly. In fact, she's the opposite. She doesn't wear makeup or designer clothes (gasp), she hates shopping (double gasp), and she doesn't know any current 'hot' celebrities. It's the equivalent of social suicide at Waverly High. Good for her, she doesn't care. Kylie just needs her friends, her sarcasm, and her grades.

Xavier Monroe is that hot, new celebrity you see on every magazine cover.  He's the guy in the movies and tv shows. Everyone worships the ground he walks on. Everyone knows him.

Except for Kylie.

When Xavier's parents send him to a public school in the middle of nowhere, his first welcome is Kylie yelling at him. What's a celebrity to do?

There are problems at every turn in their senior year: stalker paparazzi, crazy fans, an ex or two, and one person slowly falling for the other. But as Kylie's fame increases, who's the one that's star struck? Or more importantly, star stuck?

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I know the date... What is your address and social security number?
*scoffs* harsh my ass! My parents would have disowned me if I ever did that!
xxshowtime xxshowtime Aug 09
I would punch him in the face if he ever came near me or my friends.
U.K. Schools have 700 people at the very most MY secondary school has 500 people
Heyyy that's my birthday 🙂🙂🙂🙂☺️☺️☺️🙂
LoveAkikoBook LoveAkikoBook 3 days ago
When I’m a mother...
                              Oh, fudge muffins, don’t think about it.