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She can go into others' minds.  Until something goes wrong.

Seventeen-year-old Falon Lyght has always enjoyed what she does.  As a Receiver for Lytoral, a government agency that gives people abilities and then employs them for different purposes, it's her job to catch and interrogate the people who want nothing more than to see the company burn to the ground.  With the help of her Safeguards, Pochi and Lea, she captures rebel after rebel, delving into their memories in the hopes of finding the information she needs.

When she captures a rebel by the name of Trace Pierce and subsequently discovers one of her classmates, Cade Pavia, is working against the agency, she thinks it's going to be like any other assignment.  So when Falon, Pochi, and Lea gear up to head to Cade's apartment, she's ready for a fight.  But what she's not ready for is what happens next.

She gets stuck.  Inside Cade.  And has no idea how to get out.

Now, her friends think she's dead and blame Cade for her murder.  And she has no choice but to turn to the same rebels she's been trying to capture in order to find a way out of Cade's body and back into her own before her best friends unwittingly kill her for real.

To do that, they must first find a girl named Dee Forger, who may be the key to getting them the answers they need.  But she seems determined to not be found, and she has some demons of her own determined to put her six-feet under.

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