Foreign Chocolate {AMBW}

Foreign Chocolate {AMBW}

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Melanin Baby💕👑 By kionna09 Updated Nov 23, 2020

Amari Washington, lost her parents at the age of 16. When it comes to family, the only person she relies on is her brother Jamar. Amari is now 19 and her brother Jamar can barley pay bills in the house because all he does is spend it on drugs , so in order for her to pay the bills she does what she has to do. 

On the other side in London

Christian Yu, a handsome man that has girls melting all over for him. Christian hates the attention of women fawning all over him . All they want is his money . He wants to get away from his life of being an Idol and go somewhere where he isnt known. 

Okay well this will be my first AMBW and I dont know if this will be any good . But please support this book including the others and this is all pure fiction.

Started: 8/11/17
Ended: 00/00/20

{Warning : Alot of profanity, has to do with drugs, smut, rape, mentions of suicide}

*Also sorry about grammar errors ! Yall know i cannot type correctly! * 

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