The King's Mate

The King's Mate

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Arabella Adder 
People say that life is full of moments that define who you are and what you're meant to become. I'm not sure about very much these days but I know that it's not true, at least not for me. If it were I would be as twisted as the people who kept me as a pet, or maybe as terrible as the woman who left their daughter on the doorstep of someone else. Maybe fate just has a sick sense of humor and being captured by people who are no better than animals has made me into the person that I am... a broken girl who was been waiting fourteen years for them to make a big enough of a mistake to earn me my freedom. 

Fourteen years is what it takes for them to make their foolish and dangerous mistake. Fourteen years of living without freedom and without sunlight. Their mistake won't go unnoticed though, not by him at least. But they wanted him to notice, they wanted to hit the king where it hurts. Of course they have no idea who they're really dealing with.
Yeah I guess you could say that I haven't had the best defining moments in my life but maybe life has decided that I'm worth more than pain and darkness...

Archer Black 
Some people think that everyone has a predetermined spot in life where everything is decided; who you are, what you'll do, and what you'll become. It's bullshit though. Nothing is given freely, the only thing in life is what you earn and what you take. Destiny had nothing to do with when I challenged the king and earned the crown through his blood. Fate wasn't what made me king, I was the one who challenged the king and won. I'm the one who earned the title through blood and death. My people know me as my blutrünstig, the bloodthirsty king. 

The rest of the decription is in the book, it's over 2000 Characters haha. I'll be re-publishing chapters as I edit them, process will be slow but please enjoy what I have up.
                                                               -Little Dragon.

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KookieGotJams_ KookieGotJams_ Apr 02, 2017
There is a boy called jared in my school when we were 8 he called me ugly and then kissed me before running away.
CIoroxBIeach CIoroxBIeach May 29, 2016
Am I the only one that's happy there is detail? Because every one is like "ya I'm a rebel" lmao
deadassbitchh deadassbitchh Dec 27, 2015
I'm totally ok with being a rebel. How else will I survive school!?
americanmoxy americanmoxy Oct 22, 2015
Honestly how did she not notice a large box with a baby inside??
Quotingourdailylives Quotingourdailylives Jun 28, 2015
I'm not trying to e that girl but u said to point out flaws -well in a way- u need to change Lucy to Linda "but LINDA was unable..."
AliciaVeritas AliciaVeritas Apr 27, 2015
that right there is a walking incubator cause that is not inly not a mother, that's not a human! if she scréws around so much,  she should freaking learn to use protection!