The King's Mate

The King's Mate

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DragonWriter By CupCakeGoesRawr21 Updated Sep 12, 2017

As a newborn, Arabella Adder was taken in as the daughter of an alpha and his wife when she was abandoned on their doorstep. At six years old she was taken from her pack. She's taken by a band of rogues and forced to follow rules designed to make her weak and submissive. The abusive punishments designed to break her down only make her long for the freedom and world she sees outside of her window. 

Fourteen years later as the rogues ready to give Arabella to the highest bidder they decide to make a show of power.  They take someone who will hit the king where it hurts. They take someone who guarantees that they'll be noticed. They take the King's sister.  Of course they have no idea who they're really dealing with.


Archer Black is the king, he's the first king to earn hit title in over a hundred years through the traditional way, through challenging all of the last royal line. He earned his title through blood and death, his subjects know him as blutrünstig, the bloodthirsty one. His rule extends over all alpha's and all of the packs in his territory. When his sister is stolen away in the dead of night he goes on a rampage, he'll do anything to get her back. As the time ticks by he prepares himself for the possibilities of her being in his enemies hands. 

Instead, he finds a fragile girl who is bloody, bruised, and terrified out of her mind. He finds a brave girl who protected his sister at her own expense, a girl who is brave and longs for freedom hidden beneath years of abuse and conditioning. She's the only one meant for him, she's the one that his beast longs for. Of course finding her is the easy part, she has a lot to do in order to be the King's mate. Archer will need to protect her from those who are lurking in the dark and even worse, her own mind.
I'll be re-publishing chapters as I edit them, process will be slow but please enjoy what I have up.
                                                               -Little Dragon.

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KookieGotJams_ KookieGotJams_ Apr 02, 2017
There is a boy called jared in my school when we were 8 he called me ugly and then kissed me before running away.
CIoroxBIeach CIoroxBIeach May 29, 2016
Am I the only one that's happy there is detail? Because every one is like "ya I'm a rebel" lmao
Im_Ya_Bae123 Im_Ya_Bae123 Dec 27, 2015
I'm totally ok with being a rebel. How else will I survive school!?
americanmoxy americanmoxy Oct 22, 2015
Honestly how did she not notice a large box with a baby inside??
Quotingourdailylives Quotingourdailylives Jun 28, 2015
I'm not trying to e that girl but u said to point out flaws -well in a way- u need to change Lucy to Linda "but LINDA was unable..."
AliciaVeritas AliciaVeritas Apr 27, 2015
that right there is a walking incubator cause that is not inly not a mother, that's not a human! if she scréws around so much,  she should freaking learn to use protection!