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Febrina Anastashia Sartio By anastashiafebrina Updated Nov 18, 2017

This is my first story so apologies for grammar mistakes, spelling errors and wrong use of vocab.
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I wrote this story when I was stressed and depressed because I am became stranger in my new school.I didn't know how to express my emotions.
This story about problems hit me down,the things I hate but it is inside of my life. About my nightmare, and my secret place in my dream,called "Black Nightmare".When something might impossible turned to be possible.
"I can not do this,it's too far.I'm too weak for this!"
Kind of weird story ever I guessed,because I was too confused where I must to start it.
I wrote this because I have no (real)friend,I love to be alone sometimes 
But I'm kind of a friendly person,I can make friends easily but hard to keep friendships.
People can say I'm a nerd also,and specially 'a weirdo'.
I have no long some relationship with people,because I always destroyed everything with my madness.It's the hardest thing to keep a pure friendship.

Aye aye,I think that's all.Let's get on with the story,shall we?
I'm pretty nervous on how this will turn out and all that,I hope you guys aren't going to be disappointed. enjoy! 

November, 2017

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