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Hell's Angel [MPreg]

Hell's Angel [MPreg]

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Guess By XLyricXx Completed

Hi! this is my first story so go easy on me kay? :P

I sighed as I slumped against the cafe's seats, the old leather squeaking underneath me while my hands were kept warm from the winter by a steaming cup of coffee in front off me. I was worn out. After my day shift at the hospital was over, I had promised my neighbour I would help pack up her boxes as she was moving to her new husbands place.

It was a shame really, Mrs Madison was like a second mother too me and never hesitated in telling me what to do if I ever needed help nor did she hesitate to swat at me for being stupid. I would truly miss her, but I met her new husband and trusted him to protect her.

After all that I remembered I was doing some voluntary work at a school to help with the little kids as they left a trail of mess everywhere they went, so I spent a couple of hours cleaning around the classrooms and chatting to the teachers before I finally managed to finish up.

Now it was almost for me to rest and I couldn't wai...

lisasakilz lisasakilz Aug 06, 2016
Actually that was beautiful. Not everything is fast paced, a steady pace shows maturity, wisdom and a memorable read 😃
animeboylover1423 animeboylover1423 Sep 07, 2016
I usually dress weird. Some people think it's dumb and will even talk about it behind my back but I do it for 3 reasons. 
                              1. It makes people smile, mostly adults and children
                              2. It's the main source of my self confidence 
                              3. I like to make people think and wonder. It's my job as an artist after all
falling_in_reverse11 falling_in_reverse11 Jan 07, 2016
I didn't expect that. Even though the title said hells angel he seemed normal so I thought that just ment he was innocent . . .
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Sep 01, 2015
Oh, poor baby boy.....why is your wings changing color....not right.
omgZeQueen omgZeQueen Jun 18, 2015
I have been putting off reading this story. Now I'm in awe about how well written it is -- and I'm just at the beginning! 
Lonliness_my_friend Lonliness_my_friend May 21, 2015
The wings tell so much.
                              But I have seen angles the wings r of various kinds.
                              karubs have six some others have four some two.
                              Nice start keep it up.